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Uusi-Kämppä Jaana

Doctor of Philosophy

Senior Scientist
Water quality impacts, Natural resources
Tietotie 4
Subject headings: acidic sulfate soils, nutrient loading and run off from agriculture and forestry, buffer zones
Specifying keywords: erosion, phosphorus, glyphosate, sulfate soils, safety zones, , runoff volume, watercourse load
Research topics and work description in English(free text) : Projects/Duties: Buffer zone research, transport of glyphosate and AMPA in soil and water, decreasing water pollution from acid sulfate soils, mitigation water pollution from outdoor production and equine paddocks. Special competence: buffer zones, glyphosate, acid sulfate soils, feedlots, exercise yards, erosion, surface runoff, phosphorus, nitrogen, cattle slurry, faecal coliforms, good management practices, environmental hygiene
Language skill: English, Finnish, Swedish
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