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Smeds Pia


Research Scientist
Recreation and nature values , Bioeconomy and environment
Kampusranta 9
Skype name: pia.s.smeds
Subject headings: health and well-being benefits of nature, project management, food waste
Specifying keywords: wellness travel, food education, environmental education
Research topics and work description in English(free text) : I work as a researcher on educational, health- and wellbeing and consumer related issues that can be changed or healed by participating in activities in nature. Our culture and surrounding shape us to whom we are, which might cause challenges as learning difficulties, depression, burn outs or irresponsible conumption habits. These challenges can be solved by processes in natural environment, by understanding oneself and ones relation to nature. These aspects are studies through Farm education, Green care and Blue care.
Language skill: English, Finnish, Swedish
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