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Niemi Jarkko

PhD (production economics and farm management)

Research Professor
Business economics, Bioeconomy and environment
Kampusranta 9
Skype name: jarkko.k.niemi
Subject headings: animal health and welfare, farm animal production, efficient agricultural production, environmental and resource economics
Research topics and work description in English(free text) : Projects/Duties: Economics research on animal health, welfare and production. Socio-economic aspects related to production diseases in pig and poultry production. Economics of classical swine fever, african swine fever, bluetongue and foot and mouth disease in Finland, and the impact of structural change of farming on disease risks. Economic analysis and optimization of pig production (genetics, feeding, slaughter and replacement, technology choices, price and production risks etc. ). Tail biting in the pig. Economic aspects related to the cultivation and use of protein-rich crops and protein self-sufficiency. Research for development, developing countries, Africa, , Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, climate change, use of mobile phones to disseminate information to farmers. Special competence: animal health economics, animan diseases, animal welfare, swine, poultry, dynamic programming, land use
Language skill: English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Swedish
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Combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants COST action (COMBAR)
Digi4Live Horizon Europe project
EAAE 2017 congress website
FoodAfrica research for development programme
GroupHouseNet COST action
NEAT - a network on economics of animal health
Nordic Association of Agricultural Science
PROHEALTH project website
PROIntensAfrica website
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