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Internal experts

Viitala Esa-Jussi

D.Sc. (forest economics), M.Sc. (economics), M.Sc. (forest ecology)

Senior Scientist
Bioeconomy policies and markets , Bioeconomy and environment
Latokartanonkaari 9
Subject headings: natural resource markets, agricultural policy, forest policy, economic sustainability
Specifying keywords: natural resources, forest economy, forest policy, forestry, wood-processing industry, forest products, capital markets, environmental economics
Research topics and work description in English(free text) : forest economics, natural resource economics, market analysis, new forest industry products, profitability of forest industry, policy analysis, state aid, profitability of forestry, forest and timberland funds, green financing, natural capital, sustainablity, development of forest and natural resource economic thinking
Language skill: English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish

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