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Venäläinen Martti


Senior Scientist
Biomass characterization and properties , Production systems
Vipusenkuja 5
Subject headings: wood structure and properties, side stream utilization
Specifying keywords: checks, mould, mould fungi, mould damages, progeny testing, birch, spruce, cone collection, decay (matter), decay (change), rot resistance, rot control, wood-rotting fungi, , forest officers, silviculture, tree breeding, forest cultivation, forest practices, resin, wood chemistry, tree species, wood, wood farming, wood drying, wood use, wood preservatives, wood preservation, wooden buildings, wood as building material, wooden structures, wood products, wood technology, wood science, trees, wood industry, wood products, pruning, pollen, heartwood, curly birch
Research topics and work description in English(free text) : tree breeding, testing of breeding material, genetic variation in wood quality characteristics, durability of timber, extractives, testing of resistance against decay and mould

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