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Internal experts

Alm Jukka

Dr., Docent (Adjunct Professor)

Senior Scientist
Carbon cycle management, Bioeconomy and environment
Yliopistokatu 6 B
Skype name: Bogwizard
Subject headings: element cycles and fluxes, carbon cycle, carbon balance, climate change, greenhouse gases, peatland
Specifying keywords: element cycle, element budget, ecology, ecosystems, carbon cycle, carbon sequestration, carbon dioxide, carbon sinks, lakes, plant ecology, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, hygrophytes, wetlands, soil, methane, reservoirs (dams), swamp vegetation, bog plants, swamp forests, peatland forestry, swamps, reservoirs, peat, peat lands, watercourse effects
Research topics and work description in English(free text) : greenhouse gas exchange and carbon balance in wetlands, peatlands, boreal lakes, reservoirs, ecosystems ecology, forest soil carbon, greenhouse gas inventory, developing countries
Language skill: English, Finnish, German, Swedish
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